The Magic of Mornings


I can trace almost every unproductive day back to a disappointing morning. Yesterday was one of those days. I overslept, skipped my morning routine, deprioritized writing and ended up wandering from task to task without getting anything done. My remedy for such days is simple: Go to sleep early and make sure you are off to a better start tomorrow.

At 5 am this morning, I jumped out of bed to turn off my alarm. I had placed my phone on the other side of the room, next to my running clothes, simply to remove the choice of going back to sleep. Thrown back to magical childhood mornings of tiptoeing through the sleeping, creaking rooms of my mother’s house, I closed the door quietly behind me. After a few hundred metres, I was wide awake.

I ran through the forest ducking for spider webs, past the lake chasing mist and back to the dewy garden. I stayed there for ten minutes, just listening to the birds and distant voices from the farm next-door. Then I prepared some breakfast and started writing. The inertia of yesterday was gone and by 8 am, I was happy, eager to start working.

There is no prescription for the perfect morning routine, but I encourage you to consider if your mornings could be more meaningful. Could you go to bed a bit earlier? Could you give yourself some space to wake up in an enjoyable way, instead of just sleepwalking right into your first task?

Your morning will fuel the rest of your day, so make sure the fuel is good for you. Make tomorrow morning magical enough to long for it.

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