When Dreams Come True

mistAt seven this morning, I grabbed my boots before my brain had a chance to protest and reached the lake just in time to see a rowing boat get swallowed by the fog. I stayed there for a while, letting the rising sun warm me. Then I went back home to make breakfast and finish the last steps of today’s book launch.

Several of my dreams have come true over the past six months. In April, my first novel translation was published, a few weeks ago, my mother and I released our first children’s book, and today, I launched my own publishing company and Det som andra inte ser, my translation of The Gift of Looking Closely by British author Al Brookes.

While it is wonderful to see that my work is finally leading somewhere, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that these accomplishments in themselves don’t make that much of a difference. There are always new tasks. New ideas. New dreams to follow.

The other day it really sunk in: Life is not about fulfilling dreams, but about learning to stay present enough to catch the little moments along the way.

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