Making a Difference

IMG_8352Momentarily frozen, thrown between nightmares and a darkening reality, where staying asleep is as difficult as staying awake and dreams lose their significance. Who needs dreams or art or stories when the world is falling apart?

I froze for a while. Lost my path among all the heroic paths that I wasn’t able to take. Then I realized:

The world isn’t falling apart. We are.

And the worst thing we can do is to turn off our light just to melt into the darkness. Give in to our nightmares. Deem ourselves insignificant.

We can’t save the world by ourselves. We can’t give away money or time we don’t have. But there are so many other ways to make a difference.

We need dreams and art and stories to light up the darkness and push the nightmares away. We need to remind the world that it is still beautiful. That each of us is significant. That we don’t have to fall apart.