Slowing Down


You know these moments when you are trying to get some work done while your lunch is cooking and you get an email about a meeting that needs an immediate reply so you check your calendar and you realize you are supposed to be doing laundry and the phone rings and the one – two – three – four – five things on your mind collide, merge, explode until you can’t grasp any of them?

Slow down.

You know these days when the mere length of your to-do list makes you wince and instead of starting at the top you look all around for other things to do, other things to pile on top of it, because somehow that feels less daunting than getting started?

Slow down.

You know these weeks where you have five deadlines at once and they just seem to move closer and closer, faster and faster, out of your grip?

Slow down.

When the world is moving too fast, you will only make things worse by rushing along in the same wild pace. Instead, breathe. Take inventory of the things around you. What can you let go of? What is the single most important thing you can do right now? What do you need to get started?

Over the past week, I have realized these cluttered moments and days and weeks have stretched into months. Years, even. I have been trying to focus on too many things for too long, and it is time to slow down.

Taking inventory of the things around me, I have come to the conclusion that in its current form, this blog is causing too much stress. I need to make more room for building my own creative dreams. I need to gather my shattered focus. Redirect it. Sharpen it.

Blogging every week has been an important challenge. I am so grateful to those of you who have tagged along for the journey and I hope I have been able to leave you with a few new thoughts over the past months.

While this post marks the end of my weekly articles, I will publish another interview within the next few weeks. I will probably keep writing here once in a while, but only when I can give each article the time and focus and energy it deserves.

For now, I simply need to slow down.