Making Space for Adventures

014adventureYesterday, I bought a ticket with five months between the departure and return dates, and no more than a vague idea of what will happen in-between.

Over the last two years, I have moved from a house into a flat, then from a flat into a room, squeezing my life into ten temporary square meters. In January, I will move from a room into a backpack, because I’d rather make space for adventures than for furniture, and I still feel the most at home on early morning trains to places I have never been before.

I am learning to let go of possessions and plans. I am learning that worry comes and goes and that trust is like a muscle, growing stronger with practice. I am learning that dreams are pointless until you deliberately start nudging your reality in the same direction.

There will be challenges ahead, but I will gladly face them in exchange for not having to spend eight hours a day in someone else’s office, building someone else’s dream. And to my own surprise, in the midst of this uncertainty, I feel calmer than I have felt in a long time.

What will you do today to nudge your reality closer to your dreams?

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